Your first Erlang program in less than 1 minute! (Lesson 1)

Begin to learn Erlang programming starting from a small Erlang program. It just takes you less than a minute!

Erlang helps Rails to scale

Maybe not yet, but it’s interesting to see that Erlang gets mentioned in the Scaling Twitter presentation. Apparently Twitter used the ejabberd Jabber/XMPP server as their instant messaging platform. They also mention RabbitMQ, an Enterprise-class messaging system built in Erlang, as a possible high performance platform for their message passing infrastructure.

Come to see my “PHP at Yahoo!” talk at PHP Day 2007

Federico Feroldi talks about PHP at YAHOO at the PHP Day 2007.

What’s all this fuss about Erlang?

The future of Erlang and multi core cpu architectures by Joe Armstrong.